Excellent Employee Engagement

Retaining great employees can be a challenge. Once we’ve helped you attract the perfect candidates, we can help you improve employee engagement and the productivity of all team members.


The steps we take to achieve this

  • Our employee engagement survey

    This comprehensive survey covers all your employees. It contains 12 carefully selected statements plus an additional 3 of your choosing. Responses are recorded on a 1-5 scale.
  • Scorecards

    We analyse the results and produce individual scorecards for each manager within your organisation, including the CEO. The scores are based on how that manager’s team collectively rate their engagement as employees.
  • One-one discovery sessions

    We conduct confidential interviews with a range of employees to identify the factors supporting or hindering engagement.
  • Action planning sessions

    Action planning sessions with each manager and their team will result in action plans being formulated.
  • Champions are positioned in the workplace

    Employee engagement champions are selected to spread information and keep the topic of engagement live.
  • Performance coaching of managers

    With the twelve areas of employee engagement as a focus, we coach individual managers to optimise their interactions with team members.
  • Coaching of individual team members

    This coaching consists of a discussion with each employee to help them take responsibility for their own engagement level and performance.
  • Assess

    To assess progress, a further survey is conducted 6 months later. However, our processes are designed to ensure employee engagement becomes part of daily conversations, not a twice a year event.
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87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work

Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers in earnings per share by 147%

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“If you like what we do, you’ll come back. It’s not rocket science.”

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