Profile. Recruit. Manage. Retain.

PACC is a profiling consultancy that will help you identify candidates who will fit, perform and stay at your organisation.
If you can relate to any of the scenarios below, we understand your frustration. PACC exists solely to help companies such as yours remedy recruitment and employee engagement challenges for good.

You’ve spent years developing a successful business

You’ve got some cracking employees who perform brilliantly all of the time. Others are a little less consistent.

If only you could clone the great ones!

You can

Your business is successful

It’s growing fast but you keep haemorrhaging really great staff to other companies. You know it’s not just about the money.

If only you could attract and retain people.

You can

Your business is doing well

As it’s grown, you’ve recruited lots of people, sometimes knowing they weren’t quite right. The culture you were once so proud of has changed.

If only you could put the buzz back in your team.

You can

20% Improvement on Attrition rate

98% Repeat business rate

324 Success Stories

Our Clients Say

We have helped hundreds of businesses improve performance.

“PACC were able to conduct meticulous research into our top performers and help us understand exactly what we should look for in candidates.”

“PACC’s onsite approach improved this level of productivity and my relationship with the team instilling behaviours for continuous growth.”

“We found their approach refreshingly thorough. They spent significant time understanding our culture and guiding us on what we should be looking for.”

“We are very proud of the professional and scientific approach to selection PACC has helped us develop and receive consistently positive feedback from candidates.”

“PACC have helped us develop a programme of interventions focused on retention, engagement and management development”

“PACC ensured that our communication with the staff was clear and transparent and helped us select appropriate champions to drive engagement”

“When a client tells you to increase your fees, you know you’re doing a good job. This happens to us quite a lot!”

Alex Bright, founder, PACC