“PACC have made a significant contribution to our bottom line. Having previously suffered from a high attrition rate, PACC were able to conduct meticulous research into our top performers and help us understand exactly what we should look for in candidates. This, combined with the Employee Empowerment programme they introduced, has resulted in our attrition rate halving. In turn, team members state that they feel genuinely understood, recognised and motivated”

The Challenge

Whilst the business was evidently very successful in terms of profitability, the MD recognised that an 88% employee attrition rate was inhibiting the business from reaching new levels. Our organisational review of the business identified that employee engagement was suffering due to a lack of recognition for their achievements. Many employees also expressed how insufficient overall commitment to quality throughout the organisation lead to general dissatisfaction in their work.

The Solution

We conducted team action planning sessions to determine the source of the problem. We discovered a culture of propagating negativity amongst employees. The MD also needed to recognise employee performance through a meaningful awards system. Together with Top Quote, we put in place an employee awards system. We also instigated team seminars to increase employee involvement and subsequently improve morale.

The Results

The attrition rate reduced by 28% after six months. Employees reported they felt significantly better understood. Additionally, all employees reported that following our Employee Empowerment Programme there was a noticeable increase in positive feedback and an associated fall in negative talk. Sales are up 15% compared with the same period last year.

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