Phil Bernie, Director, KeyPay

“We have always wanted to implement a remote working model at KeyPay but were concerned that there may be trade-offs like productivity. PACC helped us efficiently plan and successfully implement the new model and we have used it permanently ever since – I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

The Challenge

KeyPay is a cloud-based payroll provider that has been specifically built for the modern payroll bureau. Our task was to support KeyPay’s vision of a better work-life balance for their employees in order to create a flexible work environment for their workforce. In addition, they wanted to attract better talent whilst maintaining/improving productivity levels and job satisfaction. With PACC’s guidance KeyPay decided to conduct a 6-week trial period with a new remote working model.

The Solution

PACC conducted a bespoke 6-week training programme with employees and managers at KeyPay in order to tackle the potential problems that could arise with remote working.

PACC spent time with employees and trained them as to how could adjust to the new working conditions whilst ensuring they stayed productive and motivated. On a managerial level PACC guided the managers as to how they would be best suited to ensure productivity didn’t dip and how they could best facilitate personal development of their subordinates. PACC also conducted 1 on 1 sessions with staff (including managers) who felt they were struggling during this 6-week trial period.

The Results

KeyPay stuck with the remote working model and have now had it in place for over 6 months and their staff have never been more engaged. KeyPay feel like there has been an increase in productivity over the transition period. This is supported by the fact that they are set to see a record year in terms of profit.

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