Research Based Selection

We have many years’ experience of helping small, medium and multinational companies accurately assess their hiring needs and the likely fit of candidates.

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The steps we take to achieve this

  • Understanding our client’s needs

    To create effective selection interviews and assess prospective candidates, we need to understand the essential values and culture that pervade your organisation. From this position, we can help you and the key stakeholders understand, objectively, what type of person you need. All this is achieved through focused discovery interviews with the key stakeholders.
  • Creating a research based interview

    Our team of consultants will dedicate the necessary time to you and your top performing employees to design a structured, research-based interview. This will involve in-depth semi-structured interviews and focus groups.
  • Sourcing candidates

    We will design adverts and select the best routes through which appropriate candidates may be identified.
  • The interview process

    Our interview process consists of an initial telephone screening where appropriate candidates will be selected for a subsequent thirty-minute structured telephone interview. We then provide a report on all the recommended candidates and design face-to-face interviews. After the interviews we offer full consultation on the hiring decision. Post-selection, we help our clients identify ways of managing new employees to ensure their optimal engagement.
  • Recommendations

    A report will be produced for the recommended candidates who achieve a pre-determined interview score.
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